Grunk (grunk) wrote,

New Job!

Got new job today. Used to work at pig farm. Was good job, but boss no like Grunk. Say things like, "No can kill pigs now, fatten up first" and "No Grunk, butcher kill pigs, you just feed" and "Stop kill damn pigs, you!" Boss no fun. Pigs tasty though.

New job, in army. Brother was in army. Brother dead now. Grunk get his helmet! Not fit too good, but maybe head get bigger soon. Move from home, live in barracks now. Many orcs in barracks. Making new friends already, Kogluk and Prgukar. Kogluk say he teach us new game tonight. Call Poke-Her. Says to bring many coins. Maybe like tiddly-winks.

Need go soon. New boss coming to shout at us more. Grunk like new boss; he say it OK kill pigs if Grunk find any. Elfs too. Wonder if elf taste like pig.

Current Mood: happy
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