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Grunk's Journal
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Below are the 30 most recent journal entries recorded in Grunk's LiveJournal:

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Monday, October 1st, 2007
6:39 am
Lost Pig
Grunk in story contest!

It long time since Grunk tell thing here. And now Grunk here telling that Grunk tell story in some other place. There big contest for telling special kind of story that not like normal story. In normal story, one person tell story and other person listen to story. Or some time lots of person tell story (Grunk once meet person that do that -- him call it "play", but him make it sound more like work) and lots of other person watch story.

But this not like that. In this kind of story, one person tell story and other person help tell story. It other person job, figure out what person in story do next. Some time, person in story have really tricky problem, so person that helping can only finish story by thinking really hard to figure out how person in story can do that thing. Like "PUT BUTTER ON BOTTLE THEN TAKE FROG OUT OF BOTTLE AND EAT FROG". Or some time it easy like "EAT FROG". It depend on story.

In contest for special story, any person can vote on any story in contest ("vote" mean picking good story and bad story and in-between story and really good story and really bad story and really in-between story and thing like that). (Well, almost any person can vote. But not person that tell story, because then them give good vote to own story and bad vote to other story, and that not fair. So Grunk not get to vote.)

And now Grunk make story too! Call it "Lost Pig And Place Under Ground". It part of that big contest for special story. If Grunk win, maybe get coins or tasty pig or other nice thing. Or maybe just get lots of other person saying "Good story Grunk!" and maybe say what bits of story them like. That just as good as coins. Maybe not as good as pig, though. So Grunk hope that lots of person try out Grunk story and Grunk get lots of good votes!
Monday, April 21st, 2003
11:15 pm
Riding Horses
So even when Grunk not have journal to tell about things, Grunk still do normal things. Do running and jumping, every day at morning time. Since Dalgnur back, him playing horn in mornings again. Eat gruel in mess hall, do guard duty. It like before. It when Grunk doing guard duty that Ralph tell Grunk about actors. Grunk hope that some day, Grunk get to see actors telling story. Ralph say, him not know where to find actors, because them move around lots. Go to different places. Hmm.

Other normal thing that Grunk do: going to market. Others orcs, like Kogluk and Dalgnur and Prgukar, them go with Grunk. Or maybe Grunk go with them. That normal too. Want to take horses. That new, because horses not there before. But them all surprised when go to look for horses, because Grunk hide them. But horses belong to them as much as horses belong to Grunk, so Grunk show them where horses at. But then there new problem. There only two horses, but there many orcs. If Grunk and Prgukar get to sit on horse, then Dalgnur have to walk. And if Dalgnur and Kogluk get to sit on horse, then Krub have to walk.

Krub say, maybe sharing work. Two orc on one horse. But that not work for Mum, because Mum too big to share horse. And Dalgnur say, him not want to sit on horse with other orc behind him or in front of him. Grunk say, maybe use cart, like when go to beach. But cart gone. Grunk take care of horses, but Kogluk take care of cart, and Kogluk not have cart any more. Grunk start to wonder what happen to it, but then Kogluk start to talk, to say that him have idea. Kogluk say, orcs can take turns on horses. Like maybe Kogluk and Prgukar get to sit on horse first, and then when other orcs get tired of walking, them get off and tired orcs get on. It good idea, so that what happen. And that how orcs and horses get to market.

Mood Then: satisfied
Sunday, April 20th, 2003
11:22 pm
Hiding Horses
Grunk try few different way to hide horses. First, Grunk try to put blanket on top of horses. But horses bigger than blanket, so bits stick out. Try to put lots of blankets on horses, but horses not like that. And still look horse-shape under blankets any way. And other orcs get angry because them not have blankets on bed any more. So that not work.

Then Grunk try to put horses in barracks, with orcs. Maybe Grunk can make horse look like orc? So Grunk put on helmet, and try to put on pants too. But Horse not good at holding club or sword, and belt not big enough to go around horse, to hang club or sword on. And pants not fit right, because horse too big. And there tail, too. Orc not have tail. Grunk pretty sure about that, even though it hard for Grunk to see if Grunk have own tail because if Grunk have tail it on back of Grunk, and when Grunk turn around to look, back of Grunk turn around too.

So that not work. But then Grunk have better idea. Grunk take horses and go away from barracks, to other place where there grass and trees and thing. That place where Grunk go to play drum. Tie horses up with nice long rope, so horses can walk around. (That rope that Grunk get from closet in kitchen. Grunk have some extra.) Horses seem happy there. Eat grass, and drink stream that go near there. Grunk make sure to tie rope tight to tree, so horses not get away. Grunk ask tree first, if tree mind, and it not complain.

Wonder if horses like to hear Grunk practice drum?

Mood Then: content
Saturday, April 19th, 2003
7:21 pm
Not Just Remembering
So after Grunk find out that Grunk lost in woods, Grunk shout for other orcs. Not have to be quiet any more, because pig dead, and pig not run away when it dead. Other orc come; go back to camping place together. Him very impressed by pig. Grunk and Prgukar and other orcs and Doctor and all talk after Grunk get back. Them not know why Grunk keep getting lost in woods. Grunk not know either. Doctor think it maybe thing call "repressed memory". Grunk wonder if that mean Doctor think Grunk helmet on too tight.

But any way, them all happy to see big pig that Grunk get, and say that it OK if Grunk start to help with thing again, now that Grunk head not hurt. Yay. But also say, Grunk not go off alone like that. Say, it very important that Grunk not get lost for real and not get found, because there important thing that Grunk need to remember. Them say what thing that, but Grunk already forget what them say. Wonder why that.

So, back to remembering, after Grunk come back from beach and get punished and all that thing. Grunk think that it maybe not good idea to leave horses right near barracks. Grunk know that horses tasty, and not want other orcs in barracks to want to eat them. And not want other orcs to take them to go place (well, Grunk mean orcs that not Prgukar or Kogluk or Dalgnur or Krub or Mum), because maybe them not come back. Grunk mean orcs not come back. But maybe too, orcs come back but horses not come back, if orcs forget them. And Grunk not want men that live in other buildings to think that horses belong to them, because there place on other side of big place where men keep other horses, and orcs not supposed to go to there. So if orc horses get put there, Grunk not know how to get them back. So Grunk need to find way to hide them.

Current Mood: optimistic
Friday, April 18th, 2003
8:58 pm
Today Grunk try hunting. Not tell others, because not want them to say not to. So first Grunk try to find sword, until Grunk remember that Grunk not remember where sword at. But Mum here, and Mum sleeping, so Grunk borrow spiky club that Mum not using. Grunk think that Mum guarding last night, and that why him still asleep. Mum very good at guarding. Right now, Prgukar guarding. Him not as good at guarding as Mum, busy looking at book. So it not hard for Grunk to go by when Prgukar not looking.

Go out into forest. Well, already in forest, but go into more foresty part of forest, where not camping at right now. Grunk look and listen and smell around at air and ground. After while, Grunk find marks on ground, from animal walking. Not new marks, but them go to stream. There other marks at that part of stream, some that new and some that not, like animal go there lots. So Grunk hide there, behind bush. Stay quiet and wait. Grunk good at waiting. It sunny day, so Grunk know animals thirsty. Grunk thirsty too, but stay hiding.

Then it happen. Animal come out from between trees, to stream. It wild pig. Mmmmm. Pig. Grunk get hungry just looking. Wild pig uglier than pig from pig farm. Have big teeth, and it hairy, too. Grunk wait until pig looking other way, then walk around behind it. Grunk very careful; not want to make noise. Then WHAM! Pig turn around, try to run at Grunk, but Grunk too fast. WHAM, WHAM! Grunk win! Grunk very proud. It big pig, too. Enough for more than just Grunk. So Grunk pick it up, and start to go back to camping place.

That when Grunk find out that Grunk not know way back. Lost in trees again. Oh well.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, April 17th, 2003
10:51 pm
Bored Now
Mrmph. Grunk tired of resting. Just sit and remember and talk and rest and eat and sleep and tell thing to journal and maybe walk around little bit, but not too far, because friends all say that Grunk going to get lost in trees again. Maybe Doctor say that Grunk need rest, but Grunk not hurt or sick. Head not even hurt any more. Just because Grunk still not remember some things not mean that Grunk not able to help do things like catch animal for food and get water for drinking and get wood for burning.

(Grunk not remember if Grunk tell about Doctor before. Dalgnur say, word "doctor" mean man like healing wizard, but that not know how to do real magic, so have to do it all hard way.)

So tomorrow, Grunk want to help out. Want to go catch animal to bring back; show others that Grunk still useful for some thing. Right now, "remembering" only thing that Grunk doing much of, and Grunk not even very good at that. (That why Grunk practicing it.) But know that Grunk good at hunting, because remember hunting back when Grunk at home with mother and father and brother. Hunt with father and with brother and some times with father and brother. Grunk good at it. Hunting mean lots of waiting, Grunk father say. But Grunk good at waiting.

Current Mood: restless
Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
9:39 pm
Orc in Kitchen
Grunk go see Pulkra, to help in kitchen. It like before when Grunk need rope, and after Grunk help Pulkra clean bowls, Pulkra help Grunk get rope. Grunk not need thing this time, but Grunk think that it not right to only help friend when needing help back. Grunk just want to talk to Pulkra, tell her about Ulanki like her tell Grunk about Thog. Grunk try to tell other orcs in squad about Ulanki, but them not understand. Except maybe Dalgnur; him maybe understand too much. Him understand more than Grunk. But Grunk not think thing that Dalgnur understand same thing that Grunk telling about.

But Grunk get there and see that other orc helping Pulkra! It not orc that Grunk ever see before. Well. It not orc that Grunk ever remember seeing. There other orcs not in same squad that Grunk in that Grunk not see much. So not know if it them. But next day, Grunk find out that it really not orc that Grunk ever see before. Not find out until next day because Grunk not stay when Grunk see other orc, because Grunk not want to get in way. Maybe him talk about think that him not want strange orc like Grunk standing there when him talking about it.

But next day, Grunk go back and talk to Pulkra for real. Find out that orc Thog! That Pulkra own orc. Soon, him Pulkra mate, when Pulkra and Thog have enough coins for own place to live at. Him walk from far away to see Pulkra. So that nice. Pulkra not see Thog much, because her working here, and him working far away from here. And so Pulkra happy about that. And sad that Thog have to go back, too. Like Grunk happy and sad about Ulanki, because Ulanki still at beach, far away like Thog. Pulkra understand just what Grunk mean. That nice too.

Mood Then: touched
Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
6:26 pm
So after Grunk get back to barracks, that when Grunk start to tell about trip to beach for first time. That when boss not knowing what orcs go to beach, so him not know what orcs to punish. Or that what Grunk think then. But maybe boss just need time to figure out for sure that orcs that go away really come back. Grunk wonder if boss count all orcs in squad -- that explain thing, because that lots of orcs, and it probably take time to count. But Grunk think it maybe that boss see horses, and remember that there not horses before. (It lots more easy to count two horses, and to count no horses, than to count many orcs, and to count many but not so many as other many orcs.)

So when boss sure that bad orcs (that mean Grunk and Dalgnur and Kogluk and Krub and Mum and Prgukar, even if boss not know that) back, then him start to yell lots. Boss yell for long time! Grunk not listen after while, but boss not stop yelling when Grunk stop listening. Boss not even care what orcs bad and what orcs good. Him yell at all orcs. Call squad bad names. Then say, have to do push-up. Even Prgukar! It good thing that Prgukar arm feeling better after trip to beach. Grunk talk to Prgukar after. Him say it hurt, but it not that bad.

And then after boss do all that, him do worst part. Boss take away journal thing! Old journal thing look like metal stick. Thick, like club, but short, like spoon. One end have big bump, round and knobby. Grunk hold journal in hand, talk to knobby part. New journal different. Flat like board and shiny like glass, but not break so easy. When boss take old journal away, that last time Grunk ever see it that Grunk can remember. That why Grunk not tell any other thing in journal after that. Grunk not even able to say that Grunk not have journal thing any more, because Grunk not have journal any more to tell it to.

Mood Then: sad
Monday, April 14th, 2003
8:05 pm
Back to Barracks
After pack up cart and say goodbye and get horses and thing, it easy to get back to army. Get two horses, so them not fall over part way back. Get food too; that Prgukar idea, so not have to eat horses. Food that Prgukar get not taste as good as fresh horse, but that OK, because horses good for other things too. Like for trip to market. Or for trip to other places, too.

Some things happen back at army place while Grunk gone, too. People come with lots of carts -- big carts with roofs on them. Strange people, Ralph say. Call them "actors". That mean them pretend to be different people. But it OK, because actor say what pretending to be, and that it all just some story that them telling. It sound like fun way to tell story. It too bad that Grunk not get to see, but Grunk rather see beach and Ulanki, so it OK.

Grunk miss other thing, too: market. Grunk worry more about that than actors. That because Grunk give coins to wizard to get story about Grunk sword. If Grunk not show up, Grunk lose coins! And maybe lose story, too. That even worse. What if wizard not at market next month? What if wizard there, but say it too late? Grunk make deal; not like to not do Grunk part. But Grunk do part of Grunk part -- giving coins -- so maybe it work out even though Grunk late. Hope so.

Mood Then: worried
Sunday, April 13th, 2003
2:42 pm
Beach Done
Next day, it time to go back. Only pay for room until then. Also, not want boss to say orcs not part of army any more. Grunk helping put things back on cart with Mum and Dalgnur while Kogluk and Krub look for new horses to buy. That when Ulanki come to say goodbye. Grunk sad that day. Not just because leaving beach. Also because Grunk think maybe Ulanki like Krub best. Maybe it not right that Grunk not happy for Krub. So Grunk feel bad about that too.

So when Ulanki come to say goodbye, Grunk wonder why her come to Grunk instead of Krub. So Grunk ask Ulanki. Like Krub better than Grunk? Ulanki laugh. Grunk not know what so funny. But then Ulanki kiss Grunk! For real! Grunk very confused. Ulanki say, her like Grunk best. So Grunk still confused, but Grunk very very happy, too.

Ulanki say, Krub not even want Ulanki. Him have other orc to like. Grunk not know who Krub friend; Pulkra only orc woman at army that Grunk know, and Grunk never see Pulkra with Krub. Maybe Krub like man female instead? Ugh.

So all things together, beach very good memory. Good for other orcs, too. Prgukar not go in water much because of hurt arm, but him find nice goblin to talk to. Goblin even teach Prgukar to read! Him not read much, but now know what Prgukar own name look like. Yay for him. Dalgnur have fun too. Dalgnur meet woman, too. Different woman from Ulanki. Grunk think maybe Dalgnur meet few different woman there. And trip good for Kogluk, because Prgukar and Krub and Grunk have extra coins for Kogluk to win at card game. On way home, even Mum say "Good week."

When cart all loaded and horses ready, Ulanki wave. Her say, maybe see Grunk again some time. Grunk hope so. Wonder if that happen yet.

Mood Then: mellow
Saturday, April 12th, 2003
10:05 am
So after bands all play music, then people that boss of contest come on stage. Say, it time to decide winner. So Grunk know, that mean it time to fight. Because there not any winner in battle if there not any fighting. So Grunk band run up on stage with sword and club and spiky club and lots of shouting.

But other bands not come up on stage! People watching shout things, like "Stupid orcs!" and "Get off the stage!" But Grunk band just shout louder. Grunk know that them not in wrong place, because Grunk see dwarf band and some man bands watching there, but them not come on stage. Grunk think elf band run away. Ha ha. So if orcs only band that left, that mean them win! Contest boss look scared when Grunk band come up on stage, like maybe Grunk band do wrong thing, but them give coins to Grunk band any way.

That good part of day. Get lots of coins, too -- enough to get back to army, and to get rum and have party at inn for last night at beach. Rum good: it like beer, but taste better. Then bad part of day happen, when Grunk go out of inn to find latrine. Grunk know where latrine at, but it harder to find thing after drink rum, so Grunk go wrong way, and end up at rock by beach where moon shine and thing. See Ulanki and Krub. Them sit close. Talking and thing. Ulanki look happy with Krub. Grunk not say any thing. Just go back and have more rum.

Go rum.

Mood Then: drunk
Friday, April 11th, 2003
11:19 am
Making Music
By end of week, Grunk band all ready for battle. There lots of other bands at battle too, but Grunk band toughest and strongest. Other bands not even have weapon, except for music thing. Grunk not think that pipe or harp very good for hitting people with. But Grunk band practice music too. Because maybe music important as fighting in band battle.

Some other bands good at making music. Music happen before fighting. Grunk think, that to prove that them that kind of band. Most bands not have orcs in them. There one band with only elfs; that band very boring. All song about summer day and flowers and thing. There part about "hearts", but it not sound bloody at all, so it probably not same kind of heart that Grunk thinking of. Then there dwarf band. Them better; have rocks and drums. Very loud. Not know what them saying, because talking in dwarf. But it still loud, so that good. There lots of bands of men. One that all men females. Them funny looking! Have little fake ears, all furry and pointy. And fake tails, too. Not know why.

But Grunk band best. Grunk in back, hitting drum and horse bones (BOOM plink dink BOOM plink donk dunk). Music happening inside Grunk head. That good feeling. Other orcs having fun too. Ulanki and Krub in front, sing and dance together. Grunk not like seeing Ulanki sing and dance with Krub, because Ulanki look like having too much fun. Grunk know that not make sense. Oh well.

People watching not like Grunk band, though. Them throw lots of thing at stage. Grunk not get hit, because Grunk in back, but not want Ulanki get hit by thing! But then Mum go "GRAARR" really loud and hit ground with spiky club, and them all stop. Go Mum.

Mood Then: crazy
Thursday, April 10th, 2003
9:44 pm
Ready for Battle
After Ulanki tell Grunk about battle of bands, Grunk tell other friends. Them think it good idea too. Them pick Grunk to go tell contest people that orcs want to join. Contest people say, it cost some coins to join in battle. That strange, Grunk think. Not ever have to pay to fight before. But before, Grunk in army. Maybe boss' boss pay for whole army then. Maybe that why army not pay Grunk many coins.

But band that win battle get lots of coins back. More coins than it cost to join, Grunk think. So that OK. But Grunk have to go back to friends to get coins to pay contest people. Then go back to contest people again. Contest people say, need name. Grunk tell them, name "Grunk". Them say no, band need name. So Grunk go back to friends again. Them all have different idea for name. Not remember all different ideas. Ulanki say, maybe "Grunk Band". Then her blink eyes lots and look pretty at other orcs, until them say OK. So Grunk go back, tell contest people that band name "Grunk Band". Them sigh. But still take coins any way.

When Grunk get back again, other orcs talking about what different thing each orc do. Like, Grunk play horn, and Dalgnur play drum. Kogluk get guitar from some place (that like harp, but with boxy part and long part sticking out one end). Not know where it from, or if Kogluk know how to play guitar, but that probably not matter. Ulanki sing. Krub sing and dance. Prgukar not do any thing, because him arm hurt. That too bad. But Prgukar can watch and listen and thing like that maybe. Mum play spiky club. Grunk not know if spiky club really music, but Mum want to be in band. Mum say, "Mum too?" That lots of words for Mum to say at same time, so Grunk know it important to Mum.

Mood Then: excited
Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
7:54 pm
Idea For Coins
So Grunk think that maybe Grunk and Ulanki friends now. Ulanki show Grunk how to swim. Swimming very hard to do. Much more hard than running. Grunk show drum to Ulanki; let Ulanki try hitting drum. Her good at it! Then Ulanki sing for Grunk. Ulanki sound very nice when her sing. Sound nice when not sing too, but sound even more nice when sing.

Grunk also tell Ulanki about horses and inn and coins. Grunk and Grunk friends need horses to get back to army, but have to sell horses to get coins to pay inn for room. It good inn, though. Room have enough beds for whole group. And inn give food too, to people that have room. One night, it have roast horses. Very tasty.

Ulanki have idea, though. Tell Grunk about contest that happen at end of week. Call it, "Battle of Bands". Grunk think that Grunk and Grunk friends (Prgukar and Kogluk and Dalgnur and Krub and Mum) maybe band of orcs. So them can fight in battle? Ulanki say, it different kind of band. It mean, band that play music. But that work out, because Grunk play drum, and Dalgnur play horn, and Ulanki sing (that kind of music too) and maybe other orcs can do some thing too. It sound like fun. Yay, Ulanki.

Mood Then: grateful
Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
4:41 pm
After all go black when Grunk in water, Grunk wake up again. But then on sand, not water. Grunk think Grunk on sand, any way. When Grunk open eyes, Grunk see woman standing over Grunk. Very pretty woman. Grunk still feel like in water, then. Grunk insides go all wavy and thing. Woman ask if Grunk OK, but Grunk not know. Think that Grunk say thing like "Uh...", but Grunk not sure. But woman very nice to Grunk.

Woman help Grunk sit up. Say, Grunk need to learn to swim before go in ocean. Grunk nod. Woman say, her help Grunk out of water, when Grunk stop breathing. Grunk think that very nice of her. Woman also say that her name Ulanki. (See, Grunk remember that now.) When Grunk remember how to talk, Grunk tell Ulanki about Grunk, too. About army and about Grunk friends (but not Dalgnur), and about how this Grunk first time at beach. And Ulanki tell Grunk all about Ulanki. Her home, not far away from beach. Ulanki know how to swim for long time, because Ulanki come to beach even when her very little. And Ulanki not have own orc! That make Grunk very happy to learn.

Ulanki say, there many orc at beach and near beach, but most not very nice. Fight with other orcs, to look strong. Try to make women do thing that women not want. Talk lots, saying that them great and better than other orcs and things like that. Wonder if maybe Ulanki like Grunk, because Grunk not try to look strong, and not talk very good when woman around. Maybe it good that Grunk not have sword when Grunk fall in water.

Mood Then: pleased
Monday, April 7th, 2003
5:59 pm
Mmm, Beach Clothes
Grunk having bad dreams after Grunk spend days at remembering. Grunk not see who, but some person yell at Grunk about escape and copper coins and thing call "google". Grunk not know if dream really memory that Grunk not remember yet, or if it some person yelling at Grunk when Grunk sleeping. Maybe it trees talking to Grunk at night. Or maybe it just dream. Grunk not know, but decide to remember only little thing each day. That way, Grunk not make head work as hard, maybe not have bad dream.

So like Grunk tell before, Grunk get to beach. Orc part of beach. There many orc there, orc like Grunk. But there other orcs there, not like Grunk. Women! That first time Grunk see that many women in same place at same time. Except for Kogluk cards, but that only picture, not for real. Women at beach wear more than women on cards. But not much more! Maybe that because it hard to swim in dress. But then Grunk think, maybe other women that Grunk see before wear wrong clothes, and women at beach wearing right clothes. Grunk hoping so then, because Grunk like women in beach clothes. (That very good memory.)

But then Grunk see that orcs like Grunk at beach not wear normal clothes like Grunk. Wear short pants, and no shirts. No helmet or boots either. So then Grunk decide that it only because of beach that make people not wear much clothes. That make Grunk sad, but not much sad, because Grunk still at beach then. But Grunk not have short pants, so Grunk have to buy short pants. And Grunk have to take off shirt and boots and helmet. Grunk feel funny, not wearing helmet, so Grunk put helmet back on. Then Grunk go in water. That when Grunk learn new thing: Grunk not know how to swim. So Grunk get to see what it like under water. That when Grunk learn what ocean taste like, too. So Grunk learn lots before it all go black and Grunk not seeing any thing any more.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Sunday, April 6th, 2003
3:47 pm
On Path
Journal tell Grunk about many thing. Now Grunk remember Krub (that little orc) and Ralph (that man, not orc) and Mum (that big orc, not talk much). Remember fighting. There good fighting and bad fighting. Good fighting when Grunk and friends win. Bad fighting when Prgukar get hurt. Old gatekeeper die. But Prgukar better now. Maybe Doctor help Prgukar. But Grunk not think Prgukar know Doctor then, so maybe not. Or maybe there some other doctor then, in army.

Grunk remember good things, too. From journal. Remember fixing bed. Remember making poem. Remember special place where Grunk play drum. Remember talking trees too, but Grunk not sure if that for real, or if maybe Grunk remember that wrong.

Last thing in journal, all about going to beach. Well, not really last thing. After Grunk tell about beach, then Grunk tell about how Grunk head hurt, and about journal thing and about Grunk trying to remembering thing, and about looking at trees and thing like that. But that new thing, not old thing.

But Grunk remember beach now. Remember what happen after journal end. Need to think about it some. Put it all in right order. But tomorrow, Grunk try to tell about beach. It good practice.

Current Mood: productive
Saturday, April 5th, 2003
1:18 pm
Oooh. Journal help Grunk remember many thing! Remember Grunk joining army. Remember when Grunk meet Kogluk and Prgukar and Dalgnur. Grunk wonder where Kogluk at. Prgukar and Dalgnur here; maybe Grunk ask them where Kogluk go later. Or maybe Grunk remember it some time soon.

Grunk remember losing pants. That not good memory. But Grunk remember when Grunk get new pants. That good memory. Grunk remember sword, too! It good sword. Too bad sword not here. Maybe Kogluk have Grunk sword now? Grunk remember drum, too. And book. And digging. And guarding. Mmm, guarding. Grunk remember woman, too! Ulanki. No, not Ulanki. Pulkra. Who Ulanki? Maybe Grunk remember later.

Remember some things before army, too. Remember pig farm. Not remember pig farm much, but some. Remember pigs. Mmm, tasty. What happen before pig farm? Remember Grunk mother and father. That very good memory. Grunk happy that Grunk remember them. Grunk remember brother, too. Remember that Grunk brother die in army. That memory not so good. Grunk not know if Grunk happy that Grunk remember that.

Current Mood: okay
Friday, April 4th, 2003
12:30 pm
Yay, Journal!
Doctor tell Grunk that it maybe more easy to remember if Grunk start at start of things and tell things in order that happen. Like Grunk following path in forest. Doctor tell Grunk that week or two or few before now. But that hard for Grunk to do, because Grunk not remember where in forest start of path at, or which way path go. It hard to tell what part of path and what just space between trees. (Ow. Grunk stop talking about trees now, before head hurt again.)

(Grunk not remember if Grunk tell about Doctor before. Prgukar say, word "doctor" mean man that tie up hurt people and make people eat thing that taste really bad and him sometimes cut people up too. But him do that in good way. Grunk not understand it either.)

It Prgukar that think of good idea: use journal thing to help Grunk remember. Journal like path for Grunk to follow, until Grunk remember how to remember. That good idea, but Grunk not have journal. Not remember what happen to journal, either. But somehow them find it again for Grunk! That how Grunk telling thing to journal right now. It happen two or few day before now. Journal thing not look at all like Grunk remember it, but it remember all things that Grunk tell to journal before, so it must be same. Or maybe it just magic. That just as good.

Current Mood: hopeful
Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
2:22 pm
Too Many Trees
Grunk feel better now, but it still hurt to think too much. Grunk know that many thing happen to Grunk, but trying to remember thing from past seem like trying to look at trees in forest. Grunk know that there lots and lots and lots of trees around, but most trees too far away to see them much, and trees that near to Grunk get in way of trees that not near. So Grunk have to walk around to find other trees that Grunk looking for, but Grunk not know where right trees at, so it very hard. And even if Grunk find that tree, Grunk not near other trees that Grunk near before any more, and that mean Grunk lost now.

Grunk friends say Grunk need to stop wandering off to look at trees. Say, sit and rest and try to remember things instead. Them say, it very important that Grunk remember what happen to Grunk. Grunk not remember why, though.

Maybe them right. Even thinking about trees making Grunk head hurt again.

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
2:40 pm
Many thing happen! Many big thing. Grunk not dead! That very very good for Grunk. But Grunk still feel not too good in head, so Grunk need to sleep some before Grunk start to tell what happen. It hard to remember all thing that happen to Grunk, but Grunk try when Grunk feel better. It feel like very long time go by. Or maybe it very short time, with many thing happen. Maybe both long time and short time at same time. Grunk think it maybe some kind of magic. Or maybe Grunk just get hit on head too many time.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
12:00 pm
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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
12:00 pm
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Monday, July 8th, 2002
5:28 pm
New horses seem like good horses. Go quick, not fall over. Not fall over until after get to beach, and that good enough. It take other whole day and some of next one too to get there. It maybe not take so long, but Prgukar not have much practice at using map. Need to find out which part look like water and which part look like not water. Also, how to tell what way to hold map so that it facing same way that cart facing. It all too hard for Grunk to understand, but Prgukar work it out. It get easier when start to get close, because there people around to ask. Still mostly men and not orcs, but men that live near beach not run away as much as men that not live near beach, so it easier to ask them thing.

Finally get to beach, and it look very nice. Lots of people there! People lie on sand and people swim in water and people walk up and down wooden path thing and people go in and out of stores. There different parts of beach with different kind of people. There one part that have elf and sprite and thing, and then there part that have dwarf and gnome, and then there part that have orc and goblin. And there other kinds of people there too that Grunk not know about. And there parts of beach that have all different people, orc and man and elf and dwarf and goblin and sprite and thing all together. That part look fun, because there always good fight to watch.

After found beach, it not hard to find orc part of beach. Just keep going up to talk to man or elf or dwarf, and them all say "You, orcs! Go on to your own part of the beach! Get out of here!" And then them point in right direction. So it easy to find good orc inn with orc food and rooms with beds and all that. It cost many coins to get room. Grunk and Kogluk and Prgukar and Dalgnur and Krub and Mum all put coins together, but that still not enough for whole week. Inn owner say, pay first, then get room. So have to sell horses to pay for room for week.

Prgukar say him not know if that good idea, because need horses to get back to barracks. Dalgnur say, if never go back to barracks, that not bad thing. But Kogluk say, if never go back to barracks, then not have job any more. With no job, not have coins. With no coins, there no way to pay for room any more. Grunk say, not worry about that now. Worry about that later. Right now, have coins left over from selling horses. Have beach with sand and ocean and sun and air. Not have any boss around. It time for fun!

Them all agree.

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
10:59 am
Horse Town
So after horse gone, talk to other orcs about how to get to beach now. Decide that it time to get new horse. Maybe two horse, so that there extra. But horse fall over in middle of woods, where there only trees around. Where to find horse in woods? Krub say, maybe yell "Here horseys, come on horsey horseys." So tried that for little while. No horses come, though. Dalgnur say, maybe horses hiding. Grunk have idea to maybe ask trees if them know where horses at. Try asking many different trees. Trees not say any thing, but one tree look like it pointing maybe. So get together and decide that way to go. Prgukar say, maybe there town there. If there town, there probably horses.

But Kogluk say, not want to leave things there in road. Cart have stuff on it, and it stuff that orcs need at beach. Like sword and horse bones and blanket and thing. Worry that bandits come; take stuff. Grunk say, if there bandits, maybe bandits have horses. But every one agree that them not want to wait for bandits to get there to take bandit horses, because bandits may not get there very fast. Bandits not even know where orcs at, so how them find cart? Some one have idea to make sign to put on tree. Sign say "Bandits: If have horses, go this way. Good cart to rob. No orcs with swords!" End part Grunk's idea. That so bandits not know that orcs there to fight them and take horses. But it not work out, because no orc in group know how to write.

So group finally decide that cart should go to town with orcs. Grunk and Kogluk and Prgukar and Dalgnur and Krub all get on cart again. Then Mum get in front of cart and pull it. Mum very strong. Strong as horse, or maybe stronger. But Mum not fast as horse, so it take most of day to get to town. Whole group cheer when get there finally. Shout "Yay!" People in town see orcs on cart, with big orc in front (that Mum) and them all shout too. Them not say "yay," though. More like "Eeeagh! Orcs!"

Then people get kitchen knife and long sticks and big hay fork and thing like that. All come out to fight. So Grunk get sword from cart, and other orcs get them clubs and swords and things, and get to have fight. That fun. Then get some horses and coins and maps and things from people, because orcs win fight, and group that win fight not have to pay to take things. That how it work. Then it back on road, on way to beach!

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Saturday, July 6th, 2002
9:13 am
Good Horse
So like Grunk say, Grunk get thrown in back of cart underneath other thing while Grunk sleeping. Later, Grunk wake up and find out that Grunk going on trip to beach. Yay. Dalgnur at front of cart making horse go, and Prgukar next to him, and Mum and Kogluk sit on top of things in back of cart. That not comfortable for Grunk, because them sit on things that sit on top of Grunk. So Grunk move to sit on side of cart. That make Krub happy, because Krub underneath things that Grunk sleeping on before Grunk move.

It not easy to move around in cart, because it moving fast. Horse in front, pulling cart. It not look strong enough to pull whole cart, but it still run very fast. Maybe it trying to get away from orcs. Dalgnur have whip; that probably help it go faster too. Prgukar help Dalgnur, because Prgukar help pick what way to go. But Dalgnur say, Prgukar no help: Prgukar just say thing like, "Need to find map" and "Map would help here" and "There any map that tell where ocean at?"

Keep going for long time. Grunk get hungry. Other orcs, too. And horse start to not go as fast; it look tired. Then horse fall down. Dalgnur try to use whip and stick and club and thing, but horse still not go. So decide it time to stop for lunch. Horse pretty tasty. There enough for all of Grunk and Prgukar and Kogluk and Krub and Dalgnur and even for Mum. And Mum eat lots. Only parts of horse left were bones and hair and hoofs. Mum try to eat hoofs, but them too hard. But Grunk get idea. Pick up horse leg bones, use to hit horse rib bones. It better than drum! Pa-dink-dink, donk-a-plink a dink. Still use drum together with bones though, because Grunk can hit drum with bone to make thunk noise still. Go good with plink dink noise.

Not much room on cart with all stuff packed up to bring from barracks, but Grunk decide to bring bones on trip any way. And it good thing, too! But Grunk getting ahead of story.

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Friday, July 5th, 2002
8:50 am
Morning Again
Grunk still telling about trip, but first Grunk need to tell about yesterday. When Grunk wake up in morning yesterday, it because of horn, like normal morning. But Grunk almost forget about horn in morning to wake up by, because not need that on trip. Get to sleep long as Grunk want. Some time, Dalgnur forget and play horn in morning at beach any way, but then Grunk or some orc just throw boot at Dalgnur until him stop. So this morning, when Grunk get woke up, Grunk throw boot at orc playing horn.

But it turn out that orc not Dalgnur. Dalgnur forget about horn in morning like Grunk forget about horn in morning, so Dalgnur asleep like Grunk. Grunk not know name of orc that blowing horn. But Grunk tell him sorry anyway. Grunk have to, to make him give boot back. When all orcs line up outside, boss look confused. Grunk think it because there more orcs there than day before. Grunk think boss probably got confused when left for trip too, because then there less orcs than day before. But back then, when Grunk and Kogluk and them left for trip, there not any orcs to yell at.

Well, there still orcs, but not same orcs that boss want to yell at. That because missing orcs (that mean Grunk and Kogluk and all them) not there, because them missing. Other orcs (ones that not go on trip) say boss yell any way. Too bad for them, get yelled at. But it them own fault for not having good idea to go to beach, so that them not there when boss yell. Grunk happy; Boss not yell today yet. Grunk not sure if that maybe because boss still confused. Or maybe because boss want to figure out first what orcs went on trip and what orcs not go, so him know what orcs to yell at this time. Or maybe it just because Krub go on trip too, and Krub friend of boss.

OK, so it look like today Grunk not tell any thing about what happen on trip. Oh well. Tomorrow Grunk promise to tell more about what happen during trip and less about what happen right now.

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Thursday, July 4th, 2002
4:17 am
Grunk Back!
Woohoo! It good to be back. Grunk have many many thing to tell about now. Grunk not expecting to go on trip, so not think to take journal thing with Grunk. And if Grunk take journal thing on trip, then other orcs that not go on trip not get to use journal thing while Grunk gone, so it probably good thing that Grunk not take it. But because Grunk leave for trip before Grunk even know that Grunk going on trip, Grunk never even tell about fact that Grunk going away! So Grunk tell it now. Grunk got to go on trip!

It very fun trip, too. It all Dalgnur idea. But Grunk not know that until after Grunk leave. Grunk not even know that Grunk leave until after Grunk leave. Grunk in bed, sleeping. That what Grunk do in bed. Then Grunk notice that Grunk moving, so Grunk wake up. There some orc picking up blanket that sit on top of Grunk bed, and underneath Grunk self. Think it maybe Mum, because it someone strong. Maybe it more than one orc. Grunk not see anything, because them throw other thing on top of Grunk, and then throw Grunk into back of cart. Then Grunk go back to sleep.

Later, when Grunk wake up again, other orcs tell Grunk whole story. Say, Dalgnur and Kogluk and Prgukar talking and drinking beers and thing. Talk about how Prgukar got hurt (Prgukar got cut with sword, but Grunk already tell about that, so not going to tell it again right now), and how barracks not good place to get better. Say, need fresh air and thing. Need place with sun shine. Need better drink than just beer. There no sun shine at barracks. Grunk not know why. Maybe should ask some day. But that not important now. Important thing, Dalgnur say him know place that have sun and water and sand and air and drink called "rum" and lots of nice thing. It called "beach." It next to place called "ocean." Ocean kind of like lake or pond, but it not nice to drink like pond water; beach water all salty. Ocean bigger than pond, too. Grunk think ocean big as big lake. Maybe bigger, even.

Grunk not hear Dalgnur tell Kogluk and Prgukar about beach, but them tell Grunk later, after Grunk wake up in back of cart. So Dalgnur and Kogluk and Prgukar decide, it good idea to go to beach right now. Not now now. Grunk mean, time that "now" mean back then. Decide not to wait at all. So Dalgnur pack up thing to bring on trip and Kogluk go out to find cart and horse and Prgukar go to wake up Mum and Grunk and Krub. And that how it all start.

The other thing happen, on trip. And then Grunk get back. There much fun, but now Grunk tired. Will sleep, then tell about rest of trip after.

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
12:00 pm
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Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
12:00 pm
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